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Help Us Make a Difference

Mary Jane’s Cooking School, Inc., is a registered charity organization which provides education and information about nutrition, diet and a healthy home environment.


If you feel moved by the causes Mary Jane's Cooking School promotes, we would very much appreciate your support.​  It really is as simple as making a donation. No amount of time or money is too small or too large! We appreciate all the help you can provide and guarantee that it will be put to excellent use.   Tax-deductible donations to Mary Jane’s Cooking School can be made through Canada Helps organization or directly to the school. 

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Improving Lives - Health and Harmony starts in the home

Your donations will go directly to help fund a variety of programs to help people in our community.  This includes programs to:

  • Help a wide range of groups in our community to learn how to cook nutritious and economical meals using whole foods

  • Teach families the foundations of nutrition and the health values of whole, unprocessed foods

  • Educate students interested in working in the food industry to gain the necessary understanding of nutrition and food preparation skills

If you believe in the causes Mary Jane's Cooking School promotes, we would greatly appreciate your support. Set up your donation to Mary Jane's Cooking School today. It’s easy, and most importantly, it will make a major difference in the lives of so many people. Please click below to donate now.

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Donating Money


Support Us

Would you like to volunteer your time to support Mary Jane's Cooking School?  Mary Jane's Cooking School is always looking for people who share the same core values of natural, sustainable and healthy eating, and a respect and care for the environment. 

Mary Jane's Cooking School has opportunities to volunteer with community based cooking classes, fund raising efforts, and other miscellaneous activities.


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