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Mary Jane's Cooking School in the News

Mary Jane's Cooking School is charitable organization focussed on improving the people's health, strengthening community, and helping the environment through natural foods and cooking. Below are a few of Mary Jane's Cooking School initiatives.



Mary Jane's Cooking School heads into its 25th year

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Mary Jane shares the history and principles of Mary Jane's Cooking School and talks about the importance of healthy living through whole foods, environmentally friendly living and supporting the local economy.

See the full Winnipeg Free Press article here


Principles of Mary Jane's Cooking School

Mary Jane talks about the principles and values behind Mary Jane's Cooking School and how she believes healthy cooking and eating is key to creating a strong community.

See video on CTV here

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Mary Jane's Cooking class helps helps Afghan immigrants feel at home in Canada

December 23, 2018


Mary Jane's Cooking School partnered with the Afghan Canadian Women's Organization and the Winnipeg Foundation to help new immigrants build a community here in Winnipeg.  See the full CBC story here.


Mary Jane's Cooking class helps refugees feel at home

December 19, 2016


Mary Jane's Cooking School offers classes to welcome new Canadians and make them feel at home in Winnipeg. See the full CBC article here.

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